Khan Associates Directors and Officers consists of professional engineers, architects and other leading experts with many years of experience in their respective fields.

  • Tahir M. Khan, PE, MASCE, MAIC, MSCM Pr, RBldr, BSc Civil Eng. President.
  • Walter J. Trowbridge, AIA, NCARB, M. Arch (Berkley).
  • Robert C. Wheat, PE, CAPM, MBA, BSc Civil Eng.
  • Dr. Haider F Abbass, PhD Civil Eng, MS, BSc Civil Eng.
  • Jak Bicaci, AIA, MCSI, GC (California), B Arch.
  • IKram U Shah, PE, MSc Mech, BSc Mech.
  • John Brennan, International Police Advisor, Rted UK Police Comnd.
  • Dr. Muhammad Usman Bhatti, PhD Comp Sc Software Eng (Paris), MS Comp Sc (Paris), MS Comp Sc (Pak), BS Comp Sc Pak).
  • Asima Sheikh, M.A. Education.
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