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Nation Building
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"Building a better and safer future for the world"
Nation building is a task that requires not only technical skills but also a humanitarian spirit, a deep understanding of local culture, and ability to meet logistical challenges. Under extremely difficult and unsafe conditions, Khan Associates has been assisting the people of Iraq and Afghanistan in rebuilding their country-block by block, institution by institution.

Camp project in Kirkuk, Iraq

International Police Service & Training
We are taking a leading role in the training and modernization programs for Iraqi and Afghan police forces. Working with some of the leading experts in the field, from the UK and elsewhere, we are providing both human resources and infrastructure, so that Iraqis and Afghans can take control of their own streets, towns and cities.

Our Mission Statement
To develop a police service that reflects and applies the best public standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality. We will be open, transparent and accountable for our actions. As a public service, we will challenge any unlawful and unethical practice and behavior and ensure that the rule of law is upheld. We will, through our best endeavors, seek to provide a high quality service to the people of the world and to achieve this we will work in partnership with the community and in cooperation with other agencies.

To achieved these goals, we introduced a program that supports and adopts as its core principles and values the following:

  • Protection and security for all citizens
  • Equal justice for all
  • Respect for human rights
  • Proper and effective codes of ethics and discipline
  • Accountable police policy and procedures
  • Pride, purpose and professionalism.

Police air guard during training exercise

Police Station in Iraq